Halloween 2017

No matter what holiday it is, we like to get into the holiday spirit. Yesterday, some of our employees pulled out all of the stops for our annual Halloween costume contest! 


From the Morton Salt girl to a dinosaur in heels, our employees seemed to have a lot of fun being someone else for the day!

5184 × 3456


The top four costumes, decided by three judges, were awarded cash money!


4th place was: Corey Cross as a Police Officer

Corey couldn't make it back in time for the contest but submitted by text!

3rd place: Ronnie Phillips as Papa Smurf

5184 × 3456

2nd place: Lisa Lohrey as a Social Butterfly

5184 × 3456

And drumroll, please….


1st place: Walter Mooney as Daisy Duke 

5184 × 3456

To top of the day, all employees were treated with Chick-fil-a lunch, who can say no to that??

4555 × 2343

When our employees are happy, so are we!

Driven By You,

Richmond Ford Lincoln

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