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Historic Broad Street Dealership gets a Facelift

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The Richmond Ford Lincoln location has been on Richmond's Broad Street for over 100 years. It has undergone many transformations, now it is preparing to undergo yet another transformation. Owner, Ron Kody, commented:

Downtown Richmond, where our store is located, is experiencing some great expansion and improvements. We wanted to make sure our store renovation accomplished the goals we needed it to, while also keeping an attractive storefront. It's an exciting investment to be able to make not only for the business, but also for our customers. 

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Presenting our 2016 Partners In Excellence

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Richmond Ford Lincoln is proud to present our 2016 Partners In Excellence award recipients.
The Partners in Excellence award is an annual award open to all team members regardless of department. The award recognizes exemplary members of our Richmond Ford Lincoln team who exhibit all of the following qualities:
  • Team Work
  • Desirable Business Performance
  • Consistency
  • Positive Attitude
  • Meet Guest Satisfaction Criteria
  • Have Shown Significant Personal Improvement and Growth in Skills
  • Work to Make Each Other Look Good
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Wounded Warriors Family Support Mustang comes to Richmond!

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of an american flag wrapped Shelby GT350 with silver signatures all over it in Richmond this weekend? It may have been heading to our dealership! Over the weekend the iconic Wounded Warriors Family Support mustang made an appearance at our store and camped out in our showroom for a few hours.
The Wounded Warrior's Family Support mustang is making it's way across America in an effort…
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Choosing Ford Replacement Parts isn’t Just Smarter, it’s Safer

Car repairs: it happens to everyone at some point, and if you’re a car owner, it will surely happen to you. Repairs aren’t the issue, though, counterfeit and aftermarket parts are. When you get your Ford car, truck, or SUV serviced, you want to be sure you’re choosing genuine Ford replacement parts for your vehicle. You may think all parts were created equally, but it’s just not so. Ford has produced a short video on why it’s important to choose Ford replacement parts for repairs and maintenance, check it out below!


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Navigating the Auto Finance World—Should I Lease or Buy?

Finding the perfect new Ford vehicle should come with a sense of excitement, but for many new car shoppers, the auto financing options can be confusing, even daunting. Here at Richmond Ford Lincoln, we don’t want the car-shopping process to feel scary, so we’re bringing you this short Auto Finance 101 video from Ford to help demystify some of the biggest differences between leasing and buying. Check it out below!


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Can a New Ford Hybrid Re-Wire Your Brain?

According to the theory of operant conditioning, the behavior of living creatures is influenced by one of four outcomes to a behavior -- a reward is received (positive reinforcement), a punishment is received (positive punishment), a reward is taken away (negative punishment), or a punishment is lifted (negative reinforcement). Reinforcement will make a behavior likely to repeat, while punishment will make a behavior less likely to

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