There's nothing quite like a hard-hitting pothole to put a damper on your morning commute. Not only do they make for an unpleasant jolt in your traveling experience, but they can actually cause serious damage to your vehicle--particularly when you don't see them coming, or aren't able to brace yourself in time.

But there's good news for midsize sedan drivers from Ford: on the upcoming 2017 Ford Fusion Sport model, an all-new, class-exclusive pothole mitigation system can help to protect you and your beloved car against pesky potholes.

We'll leave it to the experts to best explain how the technology works--check out the video below!

Coming to dealerships such as ours this upcoming summer, the 2017 Fusion Sport is the first midsize sedan in its class to offer this ground-breaking (no pun intended) technology.

To learn more about the new lineup of Ford automobiles here at Richmond Ford Lincoln, swing by our showroom today.

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