Brakes: They're as vital as any part in your entire automobile, serving as both a safety measure and a curtailing influence on spirited weekend cruises. When you begin to search for a shop to perform brake repairs near your location, you can always turn to Richmond Ford Lincoln.

Our service shop can handle any type of service or procedure, with brakes being one of our customary priorities.

Whether it's replacing the pads and rotors, providing an inspection, or installing some brake-enhancing equipment, the certified technicians in our shop are ready to go!

When Do Brakes Typically Need to Be Changed or Repaired?

Brakes are unique for each vehicle, so changing or repairing them is going to occur at different mileage intervals.

For instance, when it comes to the brakes and rotors, you may need a replacement anywhere from 30,000 miles to something closer to 50,000 or 60,000 miles. What will your vehicle require? To make that determination, routine inspections would need to take place.

Certain driving habits or the type of driving your vehicle endures each day will play a role in how quickly brakes wear down. Right off the bat, if you regularly drive quickly and then lay on your brakes at high speeds to slow down, you may need to replace the pads and rotors more often.

If you have a high-performance vehicle, have a truck you use for regular towing or hauling, or find you're in bumper-to-bumper traffic each day, you may also need to keep an eye on your brakes.

Thankfully, the expert team at our shop is always happy to inspect your brakes, provide feedback on how quickly they seem to be wearing down, and replace them if the situation calls for it!

Signs a Brake Repair Is Needed

If you keep a close eye on the performance of your vehicle-and the brakes specifically-you can spot warning signs that your brakes are beginning to wear.

The first sign will be the brake pedal itself. The pedal should always be responsive and reassuring. If you have to floor the pedal for the brakes to finally kick in, it shows your brakes are beginning to wear down.

If you notice it takes longer for your vehicle to come to a complete stop, the brakes may be the culprit.

Finally, if you lay on the brakes while driving and notice your car veers to the left or right each time you do this, one of the brakes may have worn more quickly than the other. In this case, our team can get to work making the proper replacements!

Book a Brake Repair near Your Location

At Richmond Ford Lincoln, you can schedule brake repair near Richmond, Mechanicsville, or Ashland, VA, by giving us a call or using our online tool.

As soon as you do, our team will be waiting to get to work, whether you require an inspection, replacement, or something else!

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