Looking to Trade-In or Sell your existing vehicle?

Getting an appraisal at Richmond Ford Lincoln is an easy and accurate way to gain a better understanding of what your current vehicle is worth. We'll purchase you vehicle even if you aren't buying one of ours. We use tons of industry data to make sure we're giving you the most competitive price for your car or truck. See our appraisal options below as well as information on some frequently asked questions.

Take advantage of our 15 Minute Appraisal and get a check the same day! 
Choose one of our 15 Minute Appraisal Options:

  • Have us come to your home or work to complete the appraisal
  • Schedule a time to come see us at Richmond Ford Lincoln
  • or Complete an Online Appraisal Here 

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Schedule 15 Minute Appraisal

Our 15 Minute Appraisal Process

1. Make your appointment via our form, chat with us, or give us a ring! 

2. We'll be ready when you arrive.

3. We'll do a full walk around of your vehicle with you.

4. You'll tell us about your new tires, sound system, and anything else we need to know.

5. We'll enter all your vehicle info into our online tool with you, so we won't miss a thing!

6. Receive your appraisal and make your decision.

7. Get a check for your vehicle the same day.

Remember, you don't have to buy a vehicle from us, we'll still buy yours!


Why Sell Your Car To Richmond Ford Lincoln?

Posting/selling online is a hassle, and who wants strangers coming to their home?

If you are backwards in your loan, we'll provide options to reverse it.

Having to negotiate with buyers can be frustrating.

Some vehicles take a long time to sell, by selling it to us you can avoid the wait time.

Often times we hear that the vehicle has issues and the seller would feel guilty selling it to someone. We've got a full blown service department AND body shop to fix anything we need to.

We care as much about your trade-in as your purchase. and even if you don't purchase we can still buy your vehicle.

It does not matter what shape your vehicle is in, we're here to help you get the most for it.

We're Richmond's most awarded dealer, so you're sure to get our great customer service.

We make your trade in fast and easy!