Have you ever been in a parking lot, cleaning your car free of leaves or snow and felt a presence? You could tell that someone was watching you, but as you glanced around, saw no one. Continuing to clean the car, you whistle a tune, stopping now and then to stretch and glance around subtly.

That’s when you see him. Crouched in the shadow of the big, gnarled oak tree nearby. He’s watching you intently, dark eyes shining in the dim early morning light. Not a would-be attacker, not a mugger or predator, but a … squirrel.

Can you imagine seeing a squirrel in your backseat? What do you think you would have done?

Here at Richmond Ford Lincoln, we have a lot of great vehicles for you to browse—and no squirrels inside, we promise. We hope you’ll stop by our dealership and service center in Richmond, Virginia, very soon.

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