Car repairs: it happens to everyone at some point, and if you’re a car owner, it will surely happen to you. Repairs aren’t the issue, though, counterfeit and aftermarket parts are. When you get your Ford car, truck, or SUV serviced, you want to be sure you’re choosing genuine Ford replacement parts for your vehicle. You may think all parts were created equally, but it’s just not so. Ford has produced a short video on why it’s important to choose Ford replacement parts for repairs and maintenance, check it out below!

Aftermarket and counterfeit parts may look right and fit their intended vehicle, but there’s no way to know how that part will work within the greater system and sub-systems that make up your vehicle. When Ford designs its cars, it does so with great care and testing, creating a system that consists of many smaller parts that all work together to produce a desired outcome. When you throw an unknown into that system—like an aftermarket or counterfeit part—you compromise the material and structural integrity of those Ford systems, potentially compromising the safety or performance of your vehicle.

Here at Richmond Ford LincolnFord car, truck, or SUV running in tip-top shape, which is why we strongly recommend that our customers choose only genuine Ford replacement parts for all repairs and DIY projects. If you’re in need of any parts or service, you can always count on our expert team in our Richmond, VA service center.