Box Trucks for Sale

When looking through our Richmond Commercial Truck Center inventory, you can browse between a collection of box trucks for sale.

These trucks serve as ideal resources for businesses, given their reliability, power, capability, and configurability. We try to make our inventory as straightforward as possible, too. So, if you want to see how the fuel economy of one truck compares with that of another, you can easily do so.

Plus, if you want to discuss various financing options with an advisor or schedule a service appointment for your box truck near Richmond, Mechanicsville, or Ashland, VA, we've got you covered!

Choosing Your Box Truck

We have a variety of box trucks in our lot, ranging in terms of their overall size and the amount of power underneath the hood. For many models, you'll find a powerful diesel V8 that's not only strong, but places an emphasis on fuel economy, too.

Certain options will have a 10-foot box on the rear end, making it easy to store all your supplies or inventory, while others have an open back that can be adjusted to your liking. Some of the most popular choices include the Ford E-350 Cutaway, the Ford F-450, and the Ford F-450 Chassis.

If you have specific questions about a box truck, our staff will have the answers you're looking for. Of course, getting behind the wheel yourself will be the most informative type of research. So, don't hesitate to come on by!

Building Your Financial Plan

Having worked with local businesses for so long, we've been able to develop some favorable financing options that you can take advantage of. Two of the most prominent options would be the Ford Commercial Trac Lease and the Ford Commercial Line of Credit.

The Trac Lease is all about adjusting the terms of a lease agreement to offer you more value. So, our specific Trac Lease includes benefits like combined billing, no mileage limitations, flexible lease terms, and no lease-end use charges.

With the Ford Commercial Line of Credit, you can utilize credit as you need it, giving you the chance to pump capital into your business, instead. Then, if you just want to speak with a financing expert, our team is happy to do so!

Service for Your Box Truck

You're likely going to be asking a lot from your box truck. With our help, you can enjoy long-term reliability and performance.

We'll efficiently perform any service the truck might need, from routine inspections to part replacements. We can also install any accessories or packages you want. Finding time to stop in is also easy; just utilize our online scheduling tool!

Find the Right Box Truck for Sale

Having a reliable, powerful box truck around can give your business another leg up when it comes to transporting inventory.

So, do your due diligence by checking our online inventory, speaking with our helpful Richmond Commercial Truck Center staff, and eventually coming around for a test run!