Cargo Vans for Sale

At Richmond Commercial Truck Center, our commercial vehicles range from hearty, heavy-duty trucks to vans that will support cargo as easily as they support passengers.

If you're in the market for a cargo van for sale, you can begin browsing through our various options online. As you look, you can compare features of certain cargo vans with the features of another model.

Test drives are easy to arrange near Ashland, Richmond, or Mechanicsville, VA, once you speak with our team. Plus, we have various financing and servicing tools to keep your cargo van running to the best of its abilities.

Picking Your Cargo Van for Sale

We have a widespread inventory of commercial vans because we believe the more options you have, the easier it will be to find the right fit.

If you're moving cargo across the country or just from one county to the next, we have a range of vehicles that can reliably transport your goods while also keeping the driver comfortable and fresh.

The various forms of the Ford Transit Connect are a popular choice amongst our inventory. These vehicles are spacious, adjustable, have steady powertrains that never feel overworked, and also come with new-age technology. The technology systems will give you helpful access to your cargo van from remote locations. You can do things such as track the fuel economy, monitor driver efficiency, and receive insight on necessary services.

At some point, you'll likely want to come by in person and see which cargo van is most ideal for your needs. When you do, our team will be here to make your visit as pleasant and informative as possible!

Financing Your Cargo Van

Whether this is your first commercial vehicle, or you're just adding another model to your growing fleet, we can help you develop a specific financing plan. We've worked with many local businesses over the years, and from these relationships, we've created the Ford Commercial Trac Lease and the Ford Commercial Line of Credit.

The Trac Lease program comes with a range of benefits, such as no mileage limitations, combined billing, lower monthly payments, and no wear or lease-end charges.

With the Line of Credit, you can opt for available credit when needed, so you have more capital to pump back into your business.

Reliable Service for Your Cargo Van

If one of your current cargo vans needs service, you can always consider the expert technicians at our service facility.

We have everything in place to quickly provide the care your van requires. From inspections and oil changes to replacing parts or installing customizations that increase capability, our shop is ready to lend a hand.

Find the Right Cargo Van for Sale

At the end of the day, you want a cargo van that will help your business grow. We want to help you find that vehicle near Ashland, Richmond, or Mechanicsville, Virginia.

So, consider browsing through our expansive cargo van inventory and if you want, reach out to our Richmond Commercial Truck Center staff!