Each dashboard light in your Ford Edge serves a unique purpose. While some flash to alert the driver of a problem, others light up just to indicate that a specific system or feature is working properly.

Our helpful Ford Edge dashboard light guide lists all of the warning lamps that could spell trouble for your Ford SUV and their meanings. Richmond, Ashland, and Mechanicsville area Edge owners can get acquainted with the important dashboard lights below. 

Ford Edge Warning Lights

Many of the following warning lights require immediate assistance from a certified Ford service center. If one or more of these lights are lit in your Edge or turn on during the course of your drive, contact our Ford service center for a prompt diagnosis and quality repairs made using only genuine Ford parts.

Adaptive Steering Warning: 

This light looks like a steering wheel with an exclamation point next to it and can glow yellow or red. While flashing yellow indicates normal function, steady yellow or red points to a serious problem with the system.

ABS Warning:

Seeing (ABS) up in lights indicates an issue with your Edge's anti-lock braking system.

Battery Warning: 

A car battery-shaped icon, this dashboard light signifies a problem with the electrical charging system with the alternator or battery.

Brake System:

With three smaller symbols making up one in attention-grabbing red, this light can't be missed. It consists of an exclamation point, the letter P, and the word BRAKE in all capital letters. It could indicate that the parking brake is in use or that there's an internal brake system issue.

Electric Park Brake Warning:

If the electric park brake isn't functioning correctly, you may see this light, which looks like a downward-pointing arrow in a circle.  

Engine Coolant Temperature Warning:

If the engine coolant temperatures get too hot, you'll see a symbol that depicts a thermometer submerged in wavy lines. Stop the vehicle ASAP and turn the car off to allow the engine to cool down.

Engine Oil Warning: 

If you see an oil can symbol, get to a safe location and check the car's engine oil level as soon as possible.

Low Tire Pressure Warning: 

An exclamation point inside a tire shape will appear if your Ford Edge's tires are rolling with low pressure. Check the pressure of each tire with a manual gauge and refill to the appropriate level as soon as you can.

Powertrain Fault Warning:

This wrench-shaped symbol indicates a powertrain or all-wheel drive related problem.

Service Engine Warning:

Seeing an icon illuminate that looks like the outline of an engine points to a problem under the hood relating to the vehicle's emission control system.

Special System Dashboard Lights in the Ford Edge

Adaptive Cruise Control Lights: When you turn on the Adaptive Cruise Control system in your Ford Edge, it will light up a white symbol of a car next to a timer. When the system is engaged, the same symbol will turn green.

Blind Spot Monitor Light: The Blind Spot Monitor light represents an above view of two cars diagonally positioned as if the car on the left is in the right's blind spot. When you see this light, look to the Edge's information system for a message from the monitor.

Heads Up Display: The Heads Up Display screens pertinent drive information onto the windshield at eye level to communicate with the driver. When using special systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control, you may see a red beam of light shine; it has its own corresponding dashboard light that looks like a straight read line.


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