Have you ever experienced a dashboard light popping on while you're driving through the Richmond, Ashland, or Mechanicsville area? These ominous lights may send you into a panic. But not all your Ford F-150's dashboard lights are illuminated omens.

Your instrument cluster features indicator lights and warning lights. To help differentiate these lights, we're going to explain them a little further. We'll show the differences between indicator lights and warning lights on your Ford F-150. We'll also let you know what you should do if a warning light comes on while you're out on the road.

Indicator Lights vs Warning Lights

Indicator lights, generally appearing blue or green, will let you know of a system you've recently activated. It serves as a reminder so you can remember to deactivate the system. Warning lights, on the other hand, require your attention. These lights indicate that there's a malfunction with one of your vehicle's components. If the light is flashing, it means you should pull over immediately. 

Ford F-150 Indicator Lights

  • Cruise Control Indicator: When you activate your vehicle's cruise control system, this light will appear. Once you've deactivated your cruise control, this light will go away. 
  • Direction Indicator: This light will appear when you engage your turn signal. Once you've made your complete turn, the Direction Indicator light will shut off. 
  • High Beam Indicator: When activating your high beams, this light will appear on your dashboard to remind you that your high beams are on.
  • Transmission Tow/Haul: If your Ford F-150 is equipped with this feature, it'll illuminate when you activate it. However, if this light flashes, you should have your vehicle serviced. 

Ford F-150 Warning Lights

  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Warning Light: If this light appears while you're out driving, it indicates a malfunction with your ABS. Your normal brakes will still function, but you should have your ABS checked by your Ford dealer.
  • Battery Warning Light: If you see this light appear, you should deactivate all unnecessary electrical equipment. Have your battery checked by an authorized Ford dealer.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature: When your engine temperature is running high, this light will appear. You should pull over to safety and let the engine cool off before you continue driving. If it continues to get hot, make arrangements with your Ford dealer. 
  • Engine Oil Warning Light: If this light comes on, you should pull over to safety, turn your engine off, and check the oil level once the engine cools. If the light remains on, don't continue driving. Have the system check by your Ford dealer as soon as possible. 
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning: When this light appears, it indicates that one or more of your tires is low on air and requires attention. You should pull over unless an air pump is in sight. 

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By reading this article, you're now aware of the different lights that'll appear on your dashboard. If a warning light appears, you can always call us at Richmond Ford-Lincoln. We're always happy to help drivers in the Richmond, Ashland, and Mechanicsville areas.

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