What is Undercoating?

Your vehicle is an outdoor machine and with that comes a lot of wear and tear, especially underneath. This undercarriage of your car is constantly exposed to rust, gravel and other debris that can cause bumps and scrapes. 

Undercoating is a mixture that is added to your undercarriage that protects it from those everyday hazards. It is simply sprayed below your vehicle and hardens creating a protective coating. 

Your car will be hitting the road every day and this type of damage could be costly in the long run. Protect your car and your investment with undercoating. 
Starts at $499

Adding undercoating to your vehicle is as simple as making a stop to Richmond Ford Lincoln. When purchasing a new vehicle at the dealership, or driving your current vehicle here, ask about undercoating and our experienced staff will hook your car up.
Sound Shield
In protecting your vehicle from debris and rust, the undercoating also blocks some of the noise between your vehicle and the road. This creates a sound dampening effect that will allow for a much more pleasant drive.

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