When you think about it, cars and people aren't so different. A troublesome cough often sends us to the doctor for a checkup. Similarly, your car may pipe up when it needs to head to the shop. But if you aren't familiar with the sounds that indicate your car needs maintenance, you may not pick up on these sometimes subtle clues.  

Your best defense against undue, costly damage? Keep your ears perked for these five trouble sounds during your daily drives around Richmond, Ashland, and Mechanicsville! We hope you enjoy the infographic!


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1. Screechy Brakes

If you hear an irritating screeching noise when you apply pressure to the brakes, it's time to put your foot down on behalf of your car's health and spring for new brake pads.

Why all the commotion? A brake pad's material surrounds a tiny metal piece. When brake pads wear down to their thinnest limit, the metal piece will make its presence known in the form of an ear-grabbing squeal.

2. An Unmistakable Bang

Does everybody on the block know when you arrive? Hearing a loud bang, knock, or clunk just after you turn off your car points to a dangerous engine backfire that needs to be addressed right away.

Why all the commotion? Engine backfires can occur for a number of reasons, including an upset imbalance of fuel to air in the engine chamber, a damaged spark plug, or valve malfunction.

3. Squealing from Under the Hood

A steady stream of background squealing that takes place over the course of your drive may simply urge you to crank up the volume on your radio, but we assure you this isn't an issue you want to ignore.

Why all the commotion? Inner squeals are often evidence of a drive belt that's cracked, worn, or slippery. These are belt breakdown symptoms that can occur over time as a result of the high temperatures in the engine compartment. Since the drive belt is responsible for linking power to the alternator, power steering, and more, failing to address under-the-hood squeals will only make things worse.

4. Rattling from the Back of the Car

Feel a shake, rattle, and roll at the back of your car? Chances are your exhaust system needs an inspection, stat!

Why all the commotion? Your vehicle's exhaust system is essentially a network of pipes that weaves underneath your car, leaking harmful gasses from the engine all the way out the muffler. If one of these elements becomes loose, you may be able to hear it rattling out of place.

5. Ticking from the Engine

If you pick up on an incessant ticking noise coming from under the hood, oil levels are critically low and your engine's days are counting down with every tick!

Why all the commotion?  Diminished oil levels can occur naturally. If you aren't checking and topping off oil regularly, this could be the culprit. Oil levels that are extremely low indicate a possible leak somewhere in the system. Make sure that you check levels yourself immediately see to it that there are no puddles under the car.

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