Knowing when to change your transmission fluid is a specific and often overlooked aspect of automotive care. The importance of transmission fluid can't be overstated, however, as the transmission in general is a vital component to keeping your car running smoothly around Ashland, Richmond, and Mechanicsville, Virginia.

So, our Richmond Ford Lincoln team thought we'd provide a helpful transmission fluid layout, one which goes over the specifics of this process. If you find that your model needs a transmission fluid change, you can book a visit to our service center either online or by giving us a call!

How Long Does Transmission Fluid Last?

As with other fluids in your vehicle, such as motor oil, the lifespan of your transmission fluid will depend on a range of factors.

The general estimate for when your transmission fluid needs to be changed is between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. That's a wide estimate, so how do you know what your vehicle requires?

If you pay close attention to your vehicle, specifically the performance, you can begin to tell when the transmission fluid is starting to go. Your transmission controls the gear changes as you accelerate and decelerate. If you notice your model is oddly slipping between gears, is having trouble getting you to the gear you need when trying to speed up, or is making cranking noises as it moves from gear to gear, the source may be worn transmission fluid.

Typically, high-performance models, trucks that are used for work each day, and any vehicle exposed to inclement weather on a daily basis will want to have the transmission fluid changed with more regularity.

If you have a regular commuter car and don't push your vehicle to its performance limits, you may be able to make it closer to the 60,000-mile estimate!

Transmission Fluid Change vs Flush

If you've done some research on transmission fluid changes, you've likely come across the term transmission fluid flush, which is an alternative option.

Essentially, a transmission fluid change is merely swapping out the transmission fluid and replacing it with fresh, effective fluid. If you go for the transmission flush, your vehicle will receive a more comprehensive service. This ensures that all fluid within the transmission, as well as any built-up dirt and debris, are flushed out before new fluid is put in.

The flush is a savvy choice if your vehicle has a lot of miles on it or if you ask a lot of your model in terms of towing, hauling, or other measures of performance.

At our service center, we'll gladly inspect your vehicle and give you an idea of which transmission service is appropriate.

Keep the Transmission Fluid in Your Ride Fresh

The transmission fluid in your vehicle is a key component of overall fitness.

If you begin to notice your transmission acting up around Richmond, Mechanicsville, or Ashland, VA, our Richmond Ford Lincoln team will happily swap out the fluid for you!

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