There's nothing better than hitting the road in a Ford Mustang. The feeling of power at your fingertips is enough to inspire any driver. But what happens when a dashboard light goes off when you're miles from home? That all depends on what specific dashboard light appeared.

At Richmond Ford Lincoln, we try to help our drivers learn more about their vehicles, and most importantly, their instrument cluster. We'll go over the indicator lights and warning lights that can appear on the dashboard of your Ford Mustang. Learning the differences between these lights, as well as their respective meanings, will be extremely helpful on the day that one appears while you're out on the road.

Differentiating Indicator Lights & Warning Lights

It's always good to learn the differences between the indicator and warning lights on your Mustang's dashboard. Your indicator lights are simple reminders. Whenever you or your vehicle activates a system or component, the specific light will appear to let you know that the system is running. 

Warning lights, on the other hand, are exactly what you'd think: warnings. These lights are letting you know that there's something wrong with your engine or vehicle, and that you should take the necessary steps to prevent further damage. If the light is flashing, it means you should immediately pull over and contact us for assistance.

Ford Mustang Indicator Lights

  • Cruise Control Indicator: If you activate your cruise control system, this light will appear. When you deactivate the system and continue with regular driving, the light will go away.
  • Door Ajar: This light will appear if one of your doors wasn't shut properly. When it's convenient, shut the door and make sure that it's secure so the light will go away.
  • High Beam: When you activate your high beams, this indicator will light up on your dashboard and will remain there until you turn the high beams off.
  • Service Engine Soon: This light may seem like a warning, but it's actually just a notification that the On Board Diagnostic System detected a malfunction with your emissions system. Have the system checked at your earliest convenience.

Ford Mustang Warning Lights

  • Battery: If this light appears while you're driving, it means that the battery is malfunctioning. You should turn off all your unnecessary electrical components to prevent the vehicle from losing power. Contact us to check out your battery.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature: When your engine coolant temperature is running high, this light will pop on. You should pull over to safety and let the engine cool off. 
  • Engine Oil: This light indicates a malfunction with the oil sensor. Pull over and check your oil level. If your oil is at an appropriate level, and the light continues to stay on, don't resume driving, and contact us right away.
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning: Your tire pressure monitoring system will detect low tire pressure and will notify you via this dashboard light. If you're close to a gas station, pull in and refill your tire to the appropriate level.

If you notice any of your warning lights appearing while you're on the road in your Ford Mustang, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always willing to go the extra mile to help our friends in the Richmond, Ashland, and Mechanicsville areas.

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